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Rollins Staff Directory
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Name, Position Phone Email
Executive Staff   Return To Top
Pennie Parker, Director of Athletics 407-646-2636
Margie Sullivan, Assistant AD/Compliance/SWA 407-646-2531
Keith Buckley, Assistant AD/Director of Physical Education 407-646-2513
Tom Klusman, Assistant AD/External Relations 407-646-2291
Paul Giannotti, Assistant AD/Sports Medicine 407-646-2361
Nate Weyant, Assistant AD/Strategic Communications 407-646-2661
Administration   Return To Top
Judy Wolbert, Sr. Programs & Operations Coordinator 407-646-2365
Clay Starrett, Director of Operations 407-691-1735
Jessica Deese, Office / Travel Coordinator 407-646-2654
David Kaplan, Operations Coordinator 407-646-2660
Amber-Leigh Ollerton VanKuren, Aquatics Director 407-646-2123
Compliance   Return To Top
Margie Sullivan, Assistant AD/Compliance/SWA 407-646-2531
Academics   Return To Top
Keith Buckley, Assistant AD/Dir. of Physical Education 407-646-2513
Rich Morris, Director of Health Education 407-628-6387
Athletic Communications   Return To Top
Nate Weyant, Assistant AD/Strategic Communications 407-646-2661
Megan Hinners, Associate Dir. Athletic Communications and Marketing 407-646-2663
Spencer Mills, Assistant Dir. Athletic Communications 407-646-2393
Collin Yeager, Assistant Dir. Athletic Communications 407-646-2310
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Brian Friscia, Associate Head Athletic Trainer 407-646-2688
Amy Lopez, Associate Head Athletic Trainer 407-646-2628
Jillian Sutton, Assistant Athletic Trainer 407-646-2635
Haley Sweeney, Assistant Athletic Trainer 407-646-2614
Intramural/Rec Sports   Return To Top
Nate Arrowsmith, Director of Club/Recreation Sports 407-691-1275
Baseball   Return To Top
Jon Sjogren, Head Coach 407-646-2328
Rob Marcello, Assistant Coach
Conor Szczerba, Assistant Coach 407-646-2326
Patrick Szczerba, Assistant Coach 407-646-2379
Justin Yount, Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Tom Klusman, Head Coach 407-646-2291
Brad Ash, Assistant Coach 407-691-1732
Kyle Frakes, Assistant Coach 407-646-2566
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Glenn Wilkes Jr., Head Coach 407-646-2476
Kourtnie Berry, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Eddie Cole, Assistant Coach 407-646-2476
Tami Stark, Assistant Coach 407-646-2476
Kyaira Banks, Student Assistant Coach
Cross Country   Return To Top
Brad Ash, Head Coach 407-691-1732
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Kyle Frakes, Head Coach 407-646-2566
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Julie Garner, Head Coach 407-646-2601
Michelle Shin, Assistant Coach
Men's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Chris Lewis, Head Coach 407-646-2418
Andrew Vossler, Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator 407-691-1367
Matt Sweeney, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 407-646-2017
Women's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Dennis Short, Head Coach 407-691-1186
Chrissy Short, Recruiting Coordinator
Tom Kienle, Assistant Coach
Mike Tobin, Assistant Coach
Chelsea Pinneke, Assistant Coach
Alley Rhinehart, Assistant Coach
Men's Rowing   Return To Top
Shawn Pistor, Head Coach 407-646-2373
Brandon Thompson, Assistant Coach
Women's Rowing   Return To Top
Shawn Pistor, Head Coach 407-646-2373
Sean Gustafson, Assistant Coach
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Keith Buckley, Head Coach 407-646-2513
Tim Bohnenkamp, Assistant Coach 407-646-2374
Declan Link, Assistant Coach 407-646-2513
Joe Raymond, Assistant Coach 407-646-2142
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Alicia Schuck, Head Coach 407-646-2142
Jessica Deese, Assistant Coach 407-646-2654
John Markey Jr., Assistant Coach
Joe Raymond, Assistant Coach 407-646-2142
Katie Tullis Wano, Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
Michelle Frew, Head Coach 407-646-2412
Steve Frew, Assistant Coach 407-646-2412
Brittany Johnson, Assistant Coach
Men's Swimming   Return To Top
Kyle Berg, Head Coach 407-646-2583
Elvis Burrows, Assistant Coach
Women's Swimming   Return To Top
Kyle Berg, Head Coach 407-646-2583
Elvis Burrows, Assistant Coach
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Ron Bohrnstedt, Head Coach 407-646-2665
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Beverly Buckley, Head Coach 407-646-2482
Bobby Cashman, Assistant Coach
Volleyball   Return To Top
Mika Robinson, Head Coach 407-646-2631
Lisa Bushman, Assistant Coach
Waterski   Return To Top
Marc Bedsole, Head Coach 407-646-1530