WINTER PARK, Fla. (May 24, 2017) – Rollins Athletics continued its now 16-year streak carrying a combined GPA above 3.0 after posting a 3.419 grade point average in the Spring 2017 semester.

Added to Rollins student-athletes' 3.417 in the fall '16 semester, this past academic year was one of the best in the classroom on record.

Pennie Parker welcomed 340 student-athletes to the Athletic Director's Honor Roll with 37 student-athletes earning perfect 4.0 GPAs in the spring semester.

Women's Tennis won the Athletic Communications Director's GPA trophy, posting a department-best 3.71 GPA. Volleyball was second with a 3.66 GPA and women's cross country third with a 3.60.

Of Rollins 414 student-athletes, 277 earned GPAs of 3.67 or better in the spring.


SPORT – Semester GPA/Overall GPA
Baseball – 3.44/3.43
M.Basketball – 3.18/3.19
W.Basketball – 3.33/3.29
M.Crew – 3.37/3.31
W.Crew – 3.37/3.39
M.Cross Country – 3.38/3.45
W.Cross Country – 3.60/3.51
M.Golf – 3.45/3.44
W.Golf – 3.31/3.40
M.Lacrosse – 3.31/3.27
W.Lacrosse – 3.52/3.50
Sailing – 3.38/3.42
M.Soccer – 3.43/3.48
W.Soccer – 3.47/3.44
Softball – 3.30/3.32
M.Swimming – 3.43/3.47
W.Swimming – 3.47/3.49
M.Tennis – 3.49/3.49
W.Tennis – 3.71/3.61
Volleyball – 3.66/3.58
Water ski – 3.27/3.23


Rollins Athletic Director's Honor Roll

Acers Rachel Swimming (W) Economics
Acosta Michael Baseball Business Management
Ahmed Sufia Crew (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Albitar Ahmed Tennis (M) Business Administration
Alonzo Harrison Golf (M) International Business
Angelo Mark Baseball Social Entrepren and Business
Ankli Sarah Cross Country (W) Business Administration
Arce Miranda Sailing Political Science
Arias Nilsen Crew (M) International Business
Armour Alexa Waterskiing Social Entrepren and Business
Ashline Grant Baseball Business
Ashton Hannah Lacrosse (W) Business Management
Ashton Connor Lacrosse (M) Business
Atwal Seher Golf (W) Business Management
Auerbach Brian Baseball Business
Avram Stefan Soccer (M) Computer Science
Baker Nick Sailing Business Management
Baltutat Adam Baseball Economics
Barnoya Rafael Golf (M) International Business
Bassham Dylan Lacrosse (M) International Business
Batlle Emma Crew (M) Communication Studies
Batlle Emma Crew (W) Communication Studies
Battad Jacob Swimming (M) Physics
Becker Jaime Volleyball Computer Science
Beguiristain Joseph Soccer (M) Business
Bence Paul Soccer (M) International Relations
Berry Elizabeth Crew (W) Spanish
Betts Brittany Basketball (W) Biology
Bistrow Angelena Basketball (W) Mathematics
Block Megan Soccer (W) International Business
Block Claire Lacrosse (W) Studio Art
Bluestein Harrison Lacrosse (M) Marine Biology
Bohan Quinn Swimming (M) Physics
Bolanos Salvador Tennis (M) Mathematics
Bonner Jakobi Basketball (M) Political Science
Bonyadi Cyrus Cross Country (M) Computer Science
Borg Minka Alexandra Tennis (W) International Business
Boyd Sean Crew (M) Political Science
Brant Colin Cross Country (M) Undeclared
Breen Nicholas Baseball Business
Bremmer Marc Crew (M) Biology
Brock Paige Lacrosse (W) Elementary Education
Brock Haley Lacrosse (W) Elementary Education
Brooker Brian Baseball Business Management
Brown Luke Baseball Chemistry
Brubaker Tyler Soccer (M) Economics
Brush Lucas Lacrosse (M) International Business
Buckley Sarah Soccer (W) Business
Buell Carson Lacrosse (M) Economics
Buell Blake Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Burket Philip Baseball Communication Studies
Busacca Jarett Soccer (M) International Business
Campbell Rashaunna Crew (W) Communication Studies
Cardenas Lauren Lacrosse (W) Communication Studies
Carlin Brandon Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Case Bradley Baseball Business
Cason Cassidy Volleyball International Business
Cassidy Matthew Cross Country (M) Public Policy & Political Econ
Castaneda Eric Basketball (M) Biology
Celentano Connor Baseball Environmental Studies
Chacon Roland Baseball Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Charpentier Louis-Francois Golf (M) International Business
Chopra Alexander Soccer (M) Business
Cinis Miks Waterskiing International Business
Civiero Brianna Volleyball Environmental Studies
Clarke Damian Soccer (M) Marine Biology
Coakley Hannah Lacrosse (W) Mathematics
Cole Jordan Soccer (M) Business Administration
Colley Morgan Crew (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Collin Samantha Soccer (W) Physics
Collins Zachary Lacrosse (M) Chemistry
Colson Tyler Baseball Business Management
Cotter Brigid Swimming (W) Sociology
Cowan James Lacrosse (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Crawford Erin Softball Psychology
Crowell Shalisa Soccer (W) Business
Crowley James Soccer (M) International Business
Cuglievan Natalia Waterskiing Anthropology
Cury Megan Lacrosse (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Cutillas Eliott Baseball Business
Daly Mariah Soccer (W) Biology
De Osma Rafael Waterskiing International Business
De Simone Julianna Lacrosse (W) Business Management
Dealy Cara Swimming (W) Art History
Debruyn Marie Tennis (W) Psychology
Diego Luis Soccer (M) Communication Studies
Dieudonne Kianna Volleyball Environmental Studies
Doherty James Baseball Business Management
Dolan Michael Baseball Business
Dougherty Margaret Lacrosse (W) Anthropology
Drennan Whitson Baseball Business
Dulman Michael Cross Country (M) English
Dyson Katie Tennis (W) Business Management
Ebigbeyi-Popo Tosan Soccer (M) International Business
Edwards Keevana Basketball (W) International Business
Emson David Swimming (M) International Business
Engel Fritz Soccer (M) Philosophy
Engelhardt Collin Golf (M) Business Administration
Ernst Jamie Softball Business
Evangelista Louis Lacrosse (M) Business
Eveler Brittany Lacrosse (W) Business
Facciaponte Francesco Sailing International Business
Farrell Kelly Crew (W) Art History
Ferl Daniel Tennis (M) International Business
Finegan Peter Baseball Business
Fleming John Basketball (M) Political Science
Fox Mason Golf (M) Communication Studies
Fuentes Maximiliano Soccer (M) Business Management
Fuller Savanna Tennis (W) Political Science
Furukawa Miya Cross Country (W) Psychology
Gabriel Jack Swimming (M) Physics
Gakwaya Ishimwe Rebecca Cross Country (W) Business
Galvis Joseph Basketball (M) Business
Gebauer Benjamin CC/Swim (M) Business Administration
Gerry Zachary Lacrosse (M) Economics
Giuggio Timothy Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Goldman Carlye Tennis (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Gollenberg David Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Grant Ben Soccer (M) Psychology
Grider Makenzie Swimming (W) Marine Biology
Griffin Cam Baseball Biology
Grimes Jade Swimming (W) Psychology
Grindle Samuel Golf (M) Mathematics
Grossman Robert Crew (M) Business Management
Grubbs Josh Baseball Business
Grudowski Camryn Cross Country (W) International Business
Grundler Julian Soccer (M) Chemistry
Gubin Cody Tennis (M) Business
Guillen Roberto Baseball International Business
Haddad Peter Swimming (M) Computer Science
Hall William Golf (M) Business
Hall Chandler Basketball (W) Communication Studies
Hansen Grace Swimming (W) Environmental Studies
Hansen Roy Lacrosse (M) Business
Harrison Sarah Softball Business Management
Hartigan Erin Swimming (W) Chemistry
Hayden Dominik Soccer (M) International Business
Heuler Patrick Baseball Business
Hintz Kyle Baseball Economics
Hockman Amy Swimming (W) Marine Biology
Hoemann Andrew Lacrosse (M) Business
Holland Rhiannan Crew (W) Economics
Holzhauer Marc Golf (M) Business Management
Horan Luke Tennis (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Hubert Nicole Cross Country (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Hulbert Kyle Crew (M) Business
Ingler Julia Basketball (W) Communication Studies
Jackson Austin Lacrosse (M) Biology
Jakes Caleb Baseball Business
Jenkins Madison Volleyball Business Management
Jenkins Alexandra Soccer (W) Economics
Jenks Joshua Lacrosse (M) International Business
Johnson Mora Soccer (W) Business
Johnson Bradford Lacrosse (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Johnson Wesley Lacrosse (M) Environmental Studies
Johnson Tristin Soccer (M) Physics
Jones Tanaya Basketball (W) Communication Studies
Jones Victoria Crew (W) English
Julius William Baseball Physics
Kaiser Teresa Tennis (W) Business
Kanesaka Ryotaro Soccer (M) Economics
Karlins Justin Golf (M) Political Science
Kaye Charlotte Crew (W) Political Science
Keane Thomas Lacrosse (M) Business
Keisling Hailee Softball Communication Studies
Kelly Colin Baseball Marine Biology
Khan Alexzandria Crew (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Kildron Anne-Marie Cross Country (W) International Business
Kim Esther Cross Country (W) Business
Kinsley Ashley Crew (W) Communication Studies
Klotzbach Kylie Swimming (W) Business
Kluska Alyvia Tennis (W) Business Management
Koger Hans Crew (M) International Business
Kopenhaver Jessica Lacrosse (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Koti Alisha Crew (W) International Business
Lackmann Chase Baseball Social Entrepren and Business
Lamm William Baseball Business
Lang Erika Waterskiing International Business
Lanovoi Hunter Swimming (M) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Laskey Logan Soccer (M) International Business
Lehmann Nils Basketball (M) Economics
Lellyo Madison Golf (W) Economics
LeMaster Dalton Lacrosse (M) Business
Leonard Garrett Baseball Business Management
Levin Jonathan Baseball Social Entrepren and Business
Lint Brianne Softball Studio Art
Llewellyn Dorien Waterskiing Physics
Lovan Shyanne Golf (W) Economics
Lyle Taylor Golf (W) Political Science
Maister Marissa Cross Country (W) Art History
Malone Julia Golf (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Marquette Elise Crew (W) International Relations
Marshall Hali Softball Elementary Education
Martin Amy Cross Country (W) Business Administration
Martinez Alexis Soccer (M) Psychology
Matthews Andrew Lacrosse (M) Environmental Studies
McCormack Kelly Soccer (W) Biology
McCullough Ailin Swimming (M) Environmental Studies
McDonald Sinead Cross Country (W) Public Policy & Political Econ
McDonough Shannon Volleyball Economics
McGuren Sally Soccer (W) Business
McKim Connor Basketball (M) Communication Studies
McKinley Madison Soccer (W) Business Management
McLendon Carly Basketball (W) Business Management
McMeekan Kiera Soccer (W) Business Management
Meehan Connor Baseball Business
Meissner Theodore Baseball Mathematics
Melhaoui Ziad Tennis (M) International Business
Merton Jeffery Basketball (M) Business
Middlebrook Chandler Softball Communication Studies
Miller Mackenzie Soccer (W) International Business
Miller Travis Lacrosse (M) International Business
Minier Rachel Softball Business Management
Mishriki Zachary Baseball Business Management
Moran Eliza Cross Country (W) Communication Studies
Morgan Jenna Waterskiing Communication Studies
Munson Christian Basketball (M) Business Management
Murray Chad Sailing Env Stud & Sustain Urbanism
Nadler Ruzilya Sailing International Business
Nansen Andre Soccer (M) Economics
Nartowicz John Soccer (M) International Business
NeCamp Eric Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Neely Sarah Lacrosse (W) International Business
Nicoletto Peter Baseball Economics
O'Brien Kathryn Soccer (W) Business
O'Keefe Kiernan Lacrosse (W) Political Science
Olin Malorie Lacrosse (W) Communication Studies
Ottaway Brooke Lacrosse (W) Business
Parsley Luke Cross Country (M) Biology
Paxton Alexis Volleyball International Business
Perry Julia Cross Country (W) International Business
Philpott Samuel Basketball (M) Business
Pliska Jackson Lacrosse (M) International Business
Poenisch Frisco Golf (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Portera Brett Lacrosse (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Prince Kaitlin Lacrosse (W) Elementary Education
Prochaska Marissa Volleyball Communication Studies
Purcell Michael Baseball Economics
Rabade Alyssa Crew (W) Psychology
Racanelli Francesco Tennis (M) International Business
Rajani Raoul Swimming (M) Business
Ramus Jordan Baseball Computer Science
Reed Chelsea Softball Social Entrepren and Business
Reno Luiggi Swimming (M) International Business
Retino Chance Baseball Communication Studies
Riascos Carlos Golf (M) International Business
Riascos Sara Golf (W) Psychology
Richards Jill Soccer (W) Undeclared
Rimbert Branford Swimming (M) Business
Rioux Kaitlin Cross Country (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Rivera Jonathan Baseball Business
Rivera Erik Baseball Business
Rizk Lillian Lacrosse (W) Business Management
Robinson Cameron Crew (W) Art History
Roche Isabel Swimming (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Rodrigue Hayden CC/Tennis (M) Business Administration
Rodriguez Jacob Crew (M) Business
Rodriguez Manuel Crew (M) Business
Rollins Dessa Swimming (W) Mathematics
Ronan Craig Lacrosse (M) International Business
Ross Emerson Golf (M) International Business
Ross Katherine Cross Country (W) Business
Rosser Tianna Basketball (W) Communication Studies
Rost Alexandra Soccer (W) Communication Studies
Rowswell Kelly Soccer (W) Psychology
Russell Isaiah Baseball Business
Sailor-Tynes Tess Cross Country (W) Environmental Studies
Sailor-Tynes Tess Sailing Environmental Studies
Salie Landon Lacrosse (M) Business Management
Santucci Nicholas Baseball Economics
Sawyer Katlyn Volleyball Biology
Scafidi Brett Baseball Business
Scarlett Eric Tennis (M) Business Management
Schimek Evan Lacrosse (M) Communication Studies
Schlesman Samantha Volleyball Biology
Schoenfeld Nicole Soccer (W) Pre-Engineering
Schultz Nicholas Lacrosse (M) Business
Scott Victoria Crew (W) Political Science
Secrist Robert Baseball Psychology
Sell Patrick Tennis (M) International Business
Sexton Abigail Softball Business
Sexton Eric Baseball Business
Shapleigh Eliot Baseball Business Administration
Sickler Paxton Soccer (W) Biology
Siminou Cyrus Soccer (M) Pre-Engineering
Simmons Charlotte Cross Country (W) Communication Studies
Singer Chantal Sailing Environmental Studies
Singer Chantal Waterskiing Environmental Studies
Slocumb Jeremy Lacrosse (M) Business
Smith Ryan Baseball Business Management
Snyder Kaitlin Soccer (W) Psychology
Snyder Erin Crew (W) Chemistry
Stavisky Sophie Lacrosse (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Stefanski Katherine Volleyball English
Steinbauer Julie Golf (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Stevens Carly Soccer (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Stone Jasmine Basketball (W) International Business
Street Marilyn Softball Computer Science
Sullivan Summer Cross Country (W) Social Entrepren and Business
Swanson Blake Baseball Computer Science
Taicher Gregory Lacrosse (M) Communication Studies
Tharp Matthew Baseball Mathematics
Timur Selin Golf (W) International Business
Tirado Kerra-Lei Volleyball Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Todd Wyatt Lacrosse (M) Social Entrepren and Business
Toth Alexandra Golf (W) International Relations
Trautmann Delbert Soccer (M) Computer Science
Trovato Anthony Baseball Biology
Ullian Zachary Basketball (M) Business
Van Beck Lindsay Lacrosse (W) Environmental Studies
Van De Flierdt Jakob Golf (M) International Business
Van Zyverden Elisabeth Swimming (W) Business Management
VanLenten Michael Baseball Business
Vecchione Joseph Baseball Human Resource Mgmt
Vieira Dumit Guilherme Tennis (M) Economics
Vincent MaryBethany Volleyball Religious Studies
Vitanza Fabiana Tennis (W) Communication Studies
Vitt Nicole Crew (W) Music
Volk Albert Soccer (M) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Vuckovich Tamara Soccer (W) Elementary Education
Wagstaff Kara Softball Political Science
Waite Luke Swimming (M) Business Management
Wallace Meghan Cross Country (W) International Relations
Wallace Nikita Crew (W) Business Management
Walsh Teagan Sailing Communication Studies
Wamester Grace Crew (W) Environmental Studies
Wasserman Rachel Crew (W) Philosophy
Weiss Katherine Soccer (W) International Relations
Welliver Megan Cross Country (W) Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Whalen Victoria Softball Political Science
Wilder Alexandra Lacrosse (W) Biology
Wilks Taylor Swimming (W) Communication Studies
Williams John Cross Country (M) Psychology
Wilson Rebecca Volleyball Economics
Winchester James Soccer (M) Business Administration
Wolf Eric Sailing Business Management
Wong Abygail Cross Country (W) Spanish
Woods James Crew (M) Marine Biology
Zarrate Silvia Waterskiing Communication Studies
Zarudnyy Maxim Golf (M) Social Entrepren and Business