WINTER PARK, Fla. (March 11, 2017) – The Rollins women’s rowing team took to the waters of Lake Maitland for their second home regatta of the year, competing in 10 events at the Rollins Invitational Saturday morning.

The jam-packed schedule saw a few rowers race three and four times in the small two-hour window of the event. The Tars faced tough Division I competition in Duquesne and Villanova as well as Division II Assumption.

“Racing tough crews like this make our team better and show the ladies the work we still need to put in,” said head coach Shawn Pistor. “Fortunately, there was another DII team, Assumption, who the Tars were able to beat by six seconds in the Varsity 8.”

Rollins boat of Sarah Ankli, Rachel Wamester, Isabella Sandoval, Elizabeth Berry, Elise Marquette, Samantha Talucci, Rhiannan Holland, Morgan Colley and Isabella Seddon posted a time of 6:53.9 in the Varsity 8. Viillanova won in 6:35.4 while Duquesne was three seconds back of them.

The Tars second Varsity 8 of Ana Rivas, Kelly Farrell, Charlotte Kaye, Rachel Wasserman, Erin Snyder, Nicole Vitt, Ashley Kinsley, Alyssa Rabade and Cameron Robinson were third to winner Duquesne and runner-up ‘Nova.

There were a number of tight races throughout the morning with Rollins winning the Novice 4 B race as Rabade, Jones, Kinsley, Scott, and Wallace posted a time of 8:08.7, but were moved to second place due to cutting the race course.

Rollins had two wins over fellow Division II Assumption. The Tars Varsity 4 DII crew of Robinson, Kaye, Wasserman, Snyder and Farrell was nearly a minute faster than the Greyhounds and the Novice 4 of Emma Batlle, Grace Wamester, Nicole Vitt, Samanthan Tallucci and Rhiannan Holland beat Assumption by 21 ticks.

Rollins will host its final home event of the year on Saturday, March 18 with the University of Florida and Bryant coming to town for the Spring Break Race.