Early this morning, President Lewis M. Duncan had the statue of the Rollins fox placed on Mills Lawn (at the base of the flag pole), surprising students in the College of Arts & Sciences with the announcement that all classes are canceled for the day. The placement of the fox was done in tandem with ringing of the Knowles Memorial Chapel bell to alert students of the day off.

The day of relief from schoolwork will be followed by a picnic for the Rollins community on Mills Lawn this evening at 5 p.m.

On May 17, 1956, President Hugh McKean (1951-1969) started Fox Day. Since the beginning, the three-foot-high, 300-pound fox statue has been a part of this Rollins College tradition, which is held each spring, usually in April. For more information, visit www.rollins.edu/foxday.

**NOTE: Rollins home baseball against Flordia Tech and home men's tennis against Florida Southern will be played as scheduled**