PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (May 14, 2017) – The Rollins women's rowing team put together one of its best overall performances of the year, competing at the 2017 Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia.

The biggest story line of the weekend was weather with wind, rain and blustery conditions challenging crews and altering the schedule.

Both the Tars Varsity 4 (Cameron Robinson, Isabella Sandoval, Elizabeth Berry, Elise Marquette and Morgan Colley) and JV 4 (Alyssa Rabade, Kelly Farrell, Samantha Talucci, Charlotte Kaye and Isabelle Seddon) made the Grand Finals.

The women's Novice 8 (Emma Batlle, Rhiannan Holland, Alisha Koti, Victoria Jones, Nikita Wallace, Evelyn Villareal, Dani Temple, Nicole Vitt and Ashley Kinsley) finished a solid third in the heat to earn a spot in the Petite Final.

“All three boats pulled solid races, but knew they had more to give and would show it on Saturday,” said head coach Shawn Pistor.

All finals were moved to first thing Saturday morning with impending weather threatening to wash out afternoon racing.

The Varsity 4 was first on the water and started well, crossing the 500-meter buoys in a tight race between second and fifth. The leaders then began to pull ahead and the Tars weren't able to hang on, crossing the line in fifth, four seconds behind Central Oklahoma and seven ticks ahead of conference rival Nova Southeastern.

The JV 4 was the next to launch and posted its best performance of the year. Going into the Grand Final, the Tars posted the fifth fastest time on Friday. Rollins' boat shot off the line and quickly established themselves in second place and never looked back. Delaware took the win by five seconds. Both third place Purdue and fourth place Massachusetts made constant moves on the Tars, making up a seat only to have Rollins quickly take it back. Heading into the final 500 meters, Rollins pulled away from Purdue and UMass and inched up on Delaware by the close of the race.

“That was easily the best race of the year for the JV 4,” added Pistor. “They handled every challenge thrown their way and I couldn't be prouder of the way they finished the year.”

The Novice 8 earned a spot in the Petite Final and were determined to win the race. Off the line, it was an immediate head-to-head with Rollins and Army. The Army boat crossed the 500 meter mark with a small lead of the Tars, but the separation was only a seat. As the middle 1000 meter of the race unfolded, Army made moves, but the Tars countered and kept pace. At the finish line, Army proved to be slightly faster and beat Rollins by two seconds.

“That was a great finish by the eights,” said Pistor. “The finish put them eighth out of 15 boats in the event. They were up against stiff competition in the event and really represented themselves and the school well.”

“What a great year,” added Pistor. “We will miss the seven seniors and thank them for their years of dedication. We look forward to next season building on the young team and continuing what those have done before them.”

Dad Vails concluded the Tars 2017 spring racing season.