PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (May 14, 2016) - Going into the race, the Rollins women’s Novice 4 had the fifth fastest time of the six boat final and a pretty big gap to make up on the top-three crews. The ladies didn’t have their best race in the semis earlier this morning but they knew they had to dig deep to get on the medal platform.   

Just before the start of the race, a head wind kicked up causing there to be whitecaps on the entire race course.  With some small tweaks to the race plan, the ladies took hold of the boat and made their way to the launch dock.  When the starting horn sounded the ladies pressed off the line and after their start sequence were in fourth place.  

The waves and the wind played havoc with every crew out there and as Rollins rowed through the 1000m mark, they began to make up ground on the third place crew.  Just before they reached the alumni tent, you could see a surge that the other crews did not have. The boat gained momentum and the 25 alumni, parents, coaches and teammates realized they could make it on the medal platform.   

The cheering was deafening and the crew surged on. With 20 strokes to go, UMass, who had been in a solid third place, caught their blade in the water and Rollins capitalized on it. Just as Rollins moved their bow ahead, they had a blade get stuck and you could hear the moan from the cheering section.  The ladies got right back on it and held their lead over UMass. 

After crossing the line and the times were posted, everyone saw just how much of a move the Rollins boat had made.  So big that they were just .3 seconds out of the silver medal. Congrats to this crew comprised of Marissa Cobuzio, Erin Snyder, Rachel Wasserman, Elizabeth Berry, Brianna Barrett and Assistant Coach Sean Gustafson. “This boat came a long way this season and there is really no better way to finish the season than wearing a Dad Vail medal on the plane ride home,” said coach Shawn Pistor.

The Men’s and Women’s Pairs raced in the semifinals early Saturday morning and were unable to advance to the grand finals. Both boats needed to finish in the top-two to advance.  The men (Marc Bremmer and Ian Seddon) crossed the line just .2 seconds out of earning a spot in the grands.  They lost to a solid Georgia Tech boat that ended up finishing sixth in the grand finals. 

The women also finished third in their semi-final race. Isabella Sandoval and Mattie Scull got off the water with their heads high and proud of what they did for Rollins and themselves. 

This concludes the 2016 Spring Sprint season for the Tars.  “Thank you to our seniors (Ian Seddon, Kelly Johnson, Mattie Scull, David Ravery, Reese Gallup, Sarah Vega) for what they have added to the program,” commented Pistor. “We are looking forward to August with our returning and new rowers as we add another chapter to Rollins Crew.”