Prospective Tars - Water Ski
The form below is for the use of prospective student athletes who wish to play intercollegiate sports at Rollins College. Please use this form to contact our coaching staff and sports information department. Note: any information you submit is voluntary and will be kept on file in the Athletic Department. Information will not be sold or released to third parties.

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Statistical Information

High school statistics (averages, percentages, points, etc.) This section is very important. If you supply no statistics or very poor ones, do not expect to be contacted by our coaches.
High school achievements and awards in your primary sport (MVP, all-conference, all-state...please name conference and state): Again, if you are not a top high school performer, your chances of being recruited are slim. This is your chance to be noticed.
Achievements and awards in other sports OR academics:
Other colleges/prep schools attended, sports you played, and accomplishments in those sports:
Did other members of your family participate in collegiate or professional athletics? If so, give their names, relations to you, teams, sports, and dates below.
Include interesting facts about yourself that may not fit neatly into other categories. Be innovative!