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Rollins Water Ski Opens Season Against FSC

Rollins Water Ski Opens Season Against FSC

GROVELAND, Fla. (September 3, 2016) - Rollins men's and women's water ski teams were on the water for the 2016 season opener, falling to Florida Southern. Many of the Tars skiers were at various national and international events and didn't participate in the Florida Southern regional warm-up.

In combined scoring, the Tars totaled 810 points while the Mocs racked up 1,290.

On the men's side, Rollins won tricks and were second in both slalom and jumps.

Rafael De Osma and Dorien Llewellyn led the Tars in slalom, both getting 2.5 buoys at 38' off and tying for fifth place. Joaquin Angulo and Miks Angulo tied for seventh with 1.5 buoys at 38' off. Llewellyn took first in the tricks, dominating with a score of 5670, more than 1000 in front of second place. De Osma was third (3160), Cinis and Tommy Wiley tied for fourth (880) and Angulo was sixth (740). Llewellyn also won jumps with a distance of 156 feet. De Osma went 127feet in a sixth place effort. Cinis was eighth at 85 feet and Angulo ninth at 83 feet.

In the overall standings, Llewellyn was second, De Osma third, Cinis fourth and Angulo fifth.

For the women, Rollins were second behind Southern in all three events.

Chantal Singer was third in slalom, getting one buoy at 38' off. Aliya Mctavish tied for fifth with two buoys at 35' off. Silvia Zarrate took eighth and Alexa Armour ninth.

Singer finished second in tricks with 2910 points. Zarrate was fourth with a score of 1880, Armour sixth (660) and Mctavish eighth (410). Armour was Rollins' lone jumper, finishing sixth at 58 feet.

Rollins will next head to Greenwood, South Carolina for the 2016 Eastern Regional Championships Sept. 24-25.