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Tars Find Success at John Hunter Regatta

Tars Find Success at John Hunter Regatta

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (March 23, 2019) – The Rollins women's rowing team traveled to the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics for the John Hunter Regatta. 

The Tars weekend was highlighted with a fifth-place finish in the Varsity 8, fourth place finish in the Varsity 4 and second place medal in the second flight of the JV4. 

The event marked the first road racing for the Tars, having started the season with four-straight competitions at home on Lake Maitland.   

The Varsity 8 had a heat race to start the morning where they needed to finished in the top 3 to move on to the grand finals later that afternoon. The Tars boat of Cameron Robinson, Elizabeth Berry, Allison Stewart, Grace Wamester, Victoria Jones, Britta Brown, Alyssa Murphy, Ashley Kinsley and Samantha Talucci won its heat and later took fifth in the grand final. 

Robinson, Berry, Stewart, Wamester and Talucci got our out of the Eight and 30 minutes later picked up the Varsity 4 heats, needing to finish in the top two for a spot in the grand final. The boat was just a second behind Vanderbilt and three ticks back of Georgia for the two transfer spots, knocking the Tars to the petite finals. The regatta committee allowed Rollins entry into the grand finals because their time was significantly faster than the other two heats. Rollins proved that the committee made the correct choice with a fourth place finish just four seconds out of the medals.  

The Rollins JV8 had a tough race with a popped oarlock just 300m into the race.  The ladies were able to regroup and get the oar back in but were never able to find their rhythm. 

The JV4 (B flight) of Margaret Stewart, Evelyn Vallarreal, Natasha Kusibab, Elsa Heisler and Allison Munden had a great race where the top three boats where all connected for the first 1200m.  Rollins was able to open up on Samford but not hang on to UGA towards the end of the regatta.    

Rollins next travels to Oklahoma City for the Central Sprints Regatta against six other Division II schools.  This is the first time Rollins will be competing at this event and are excited to see where they stack up.