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Tars Solid in Oklahoma at Central Sprints

Tars women's rowing on the Oklahoma River
Tars women's rowing on the Oklahoma River

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (March 30, 2019) – Rollins made the long trip to Oklahoma and joined six other schools for the 2019 Central Sprints. 

The two-day event was cut short due to high winds on Saturday. The teams (Central Oklahoma, UC San Diego, Jefferson, Humbolt, Western Washington, Nova Southeastern and Rollins) were able to line up and race three times on Friday evening.   The final race was a 500 meter sprint under lights.  

"This was a cool experience to race at 9 p.m. under lights" said Tars Head Coach Shwan Pistor.  "The rowers are used to practicing in the dark but never actually racing."  

Rollins competed in the Varsity 8, Varsity 4 and second Varsity 8.  The crews put together solid races against the top Division II teams in the country and it is very likely one of those teams will be this year's NCAA Champion.   

Rollins was able to beat Nova Southeastern in the Varsity 8 (Cameron Robinson, Elizabeth Berry, Allison Stewart, Grace Wamester, Victoria Jones, Britta Brown, Alyssa Murphy, Ashley Kinsley, Samantha Talucci) race when the teams were head to head.  The race between these two crews was particularly close even though they were at opposite sides of the course.   

"Racing between lane one and seven can be difficult since the rowers can't really see or feel the boat they are competing with," commented Pistor. "At times it's like you are racing yourself and a boat can slip away from you."   

These two teams will see each other again at FIRA in Sarasota to start April, along with the other Sunshine State Conference teams. Racing is Friday and Saturday (April 5-6) and looks to be competitive in all events.